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Annual General Meeting


Members are advised that the 58th Annual Meeting of National Press Club of Australia Incorporated will be held on FRIDAY 3 December 2021 at 12:30 PM at the National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton, A.C.T.


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last annual general meeting.
  1. To receive from the Directors, reports on the activities of the Club during the last preceding club year;
  1. To consider and if thought fit, adopt as an ordinary resolution the Annual Financial Report, Directors Report & Auditors Report for the year ended June 30 2020;
  1. Declaration of the results of the election of office bearers and board members of the club;
  1. The appointment of auditors;
  1. The consideration, and, as the case may be, adoption of ordinary or special resolutions, of which proper notice has been given:
  1. General Business



There are Five (5) board member positions available.

 The club has received Eleven (11) nominations for the five (5) available positions.

 A list of candidates in order by  random selection is set out below:

  •  Misha Schubert
  • Steve Lewis
  • Michael Keating
  • James Goodwin
  • Julie Hare
  • Sue Dunlevy
  • Dana Daniel ( nee McCauley)
  • Anna Henderson
  • Karen Barlow
  • Tim Shaw
  • James Glenday  


To view candidate statements – click here

Accordingly, there will be a ballot conducted by the ACT Electoral Commission (AEC).

 Eligible voting members will be advised that they can vote either online or cast a paper ballot. The AEC will email financial voting members directly.

 Members who do not wish to vote online may request a  paper ballot from the returning officer.

 The AEC will use the Robson rotation method to determine the order of the ballot.

 Candidate statements will be attached to the voting instructions and are available here.



 Thursday 11 November 2021              -   Members preliminary notice to advise that a ballot will held

 Monday  10am 15 November 2021  - Polls open via a “call for voting email” and voting instruction from the AEC .

 Thursday  5pm  2  December  2021 –  Polls close.

 Friday      12:30 3 December 2021 –    AGM and declaration of the poll


There will be reminder emails forwarded to members during the polling period.

The method of counting votes shall be optional preferential.



 Your vote is counted according to the preferences indicated on your ballot. First preference (number 1) votes are counted first, and then your later preferences, (Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. ) are then counted.

 To be certain of election, a candidate must obtain a set proportion (or quota) of the votes.

 Any candidate whose votes equal or exceed a quota is elected.

 The quota for the director position is one-sixth plus one (1) of the valid votes cast.

 •         A candidate may reach the quota simply by receiving first preference

(Number 1) votes, or by receiving a combination of first preference votes and votes transferred from other candidates who have been elected or excluded.

 •         If a candidate has more votes than the quota and not all vacancies have been filled, the surplus votes of that candidate are distributed to other candidates according to the preferences indicated on those ballot papers.

 •         If, after all the surplus votes have been distributed, vacancies remain to be filled, the candidate with the fewest total votes is “excluded” and his or her ballot papers are distributed to continuing candidates according to the preferences shown by voters.

 After ballot papers are distributed from an excluded candidate, the total votes for each continuing candidate are recalculated to determine whether any candidate has now received votes equal to or greater than the quota. The process of distributing surplus votes from elected candidates and excluding the candidate with the fewest votes continues until all vacancies are filled.



Friday, 3 December 2021

The National Press Club of Australia