The Shadow Game

The Shadow Game:
The Fast-Paced Deadly Conclusion to the Secret City Trilogy
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Once-feared newshound Harry Dunkley has fallen, disgraced and dispirited at having failed to reveal the existence of the Alliance, a cabal of mandarins pulling the strings of power in Canberra.

But new purpose is in the air.

As the Australian government teeters between fear and greed – wanting US security and Chinese cash – Dunkley receives aid from an unlikely band of adversaries bound by a shared hunger for justice and revenge. Emboldened, he looks at his enemies afresh: resurrected Labor powerhouse Catriona Bailey and the hitherto untouchable Defence chief, Sir Jack Webster, leader of the sinister Alliance. Dunkley has been played at every turn, but will he find the flaw that might just bring them down?

‘Political insiders Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann bring biting wit and behind-the-headlines insight to this sharply observed novel…
House of Cards, Canberra style’ – Sunday Canberra Times