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AAP to close: 180 jobs lost

The board, management and staff of the National Press Club are deeply saddened by the news that AAP will close its doors on June 26, after 85 years of service.

AAP's Chief executive, Bruce Davidson, said the business was no longer viable in the face of increasing free online content, which is often inaccurate.

The loss of 180 employees from the profession is heart breaking. 

We are thinking of all the AAP journalists, photographers and editors who have poured their hearts and souls into the highly skilled, crisp, tight copy, filed with incredible speed, as breaking news events unfold for nearly nine decades.

Their work is often used in daily news coverage, without bylines and attribution.

The loss of AAP will be a loss for Australian journalism and the Australian community who will rely on accurate, timely reporting and information.

A healthy democracy relies on a diverse media and a diversity of voices; our democracy is weakened by this decision.

Sabra Lane

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