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National Press Club is a broad church of political power; ministerial, bureaucratic, corporate and media in Canberra and hosts the public debates that will shape Australia today and into the future.

As a profession, journalism comes with its own risk and can be a solitary endeavour.  The National Press Club is a place where the media’s work is celebrated, professional networks developed and the freedom to do that work, fiercely protected. We recognise the efforts and achievements of our members, who are making journalistic contributions that will change the course of history. 


The National Press Club of Australia recognises excellence in journalism with a range of awards and prizes.

In a world of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’, excellence in journalism matters more than ever before. Each year, the National Press Club honours members who make a truly significant contribution to the profession and public discourse. 

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Take your place amongst the investigators, storytellers and culture shapers of the nation, and make the National Press Club of Australia your home away from home.

As a vigorous champion of media freedom, we want your help in holding the world’s decision-makers to account. It can’t be all work and no play, however. In addition to a front-row seat at the national conversation, membership comes with access to social events, live music and the chance to relax with the people who shape our nation. 

Freedom of the Press


The Board of the National Press Club of Australia calls for the release of Australian journalist Cheng Lei from detention in China so she can return home to her family.


The National Press Club is relieved to see the decision not to prosecute ABC reporter Dan Oakes, but this case highlights the urgent need for reform of laws that enable the criminalisation of journalism.

These laws have a chilling effect on the right of journalists to carry out their jobs, and to report without fear or favour.

National Press Club calls on the Malaysian Government to immediately stop intimidating Australian and Al Jazeera Journalists

The Board of National Press Club of Australia calls on the democratically elected government of Malaysia to immediately cease its criminal investigation into five Australian journalists and one Al Jazerra journalist over its short documentary 101 East about migrant workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.