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Dr Kerry Schott AO

Chair of the Carbon Market Institute
The Safeguard Mechanism and navigating Australia’s path to Net Zero"

Tuesday, 21 March 2023

The National Press Club of Australia

Dr Kerry Schott AO, Chair of the Carbon Market Institute, will Address the National Press Club of Australia focusing on The Safeguard Mechanism and navigating Australia’s path to Net Zero" 

Australia is currently undergoing its most constructive climate policy overhaul in more than a decade. A central plank to this is reforming the Coalition’s Safeguard Mechanism to progressively tighten restrictions on Australia's heaviest industrial emitters. As parliament deliberates on the policy in the final weeks of March, Dr. Schott will share her thoughts on the need to urgently reduce industrial sector emissions, as well as key priorities for Australia in this critical decade for climate action.

AGL Board Member & Chair of the Carbon Market Institute

Dr. Kerry Schott is a veteran of, and incisive commentator on Australia’s tumultuous energy, resources and climate policy journey, and has held a variety of other roles across both the public and private sectors. 

Best known for her roles with Sydney Water and the Energy Security Board, Dr. Schott was recently Chair of NSW Net Zero Emissions Board, before stepping down to become a board member at AGL, as well as Chair of the Carbon Market Institute.

Kerry previously spent 15 years as an investment banker, including as Managing Director of Deutsche Bank and Executive Vice President of Bankers Trust Australia. She has also worked as a public servant for the NSW and Commonwealth Government and was a graduate recruit at the Reserve Bank of Australia before further academic work.

Kerry holds a doctorate from Oxford University (Nuffield College), a Master of Arts from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and a Bachelor of Arts (first class Honours) from the University of New England, Armidale NSW. She also accepted an Honorary Doctor of Science in Economics from the University of Sydney in 2014, as well as Honorary Doctorates from the Western Sydney University in 2015 and the University of New England in 2018.

She was awarded an Order of Australia in 2015 for services to business and commerce through a range of public and private sector finance roles.

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