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Chanel Contos

Founder of Teach Us Consent & Chair of The Global Institute for Women's Leadership's Youth Advisory Committee
Address to the National Press Club of Australia
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Wednesday, 1 November 2023

Arrival 11:30am, Lunch served 12pm, Address commences 12:30pm, Concludes 1:30pm

The National Press Club of Australia

Chanel Contos, Founder of Teach Us Consent & Chair of The Global Institute for Women's Leadership's Youth Advisory Committee, will Address the National Press Club of Australia. 

Chanel Contos founded Teach Us Consent, a campaign that mandated consent education in Australia. Chanel has worked closely with politicians from across the political spectrum, including Prime Ministers to achieve this. Chanel was the recipient of the Australian Human Rights Commissions Young People’s Medal in 2021 for this work, and in 2023 she was named NSW Young Women of the Year for her persistent efforts towards eradicating rape culture. 

Chanel has also been presented a Diana Award, the most prestigious international accolade a young person can receive for their humanitarian work and in 2022 she was listed as one of BBC’s 100 inspiring and influential women worldwide. Chanel has a Masters in Gender, Education, and International Development from University College London and was recently appointed by Julia Gillard to Chair the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership’s Youth Advisory Committee. 

Chanel's book Consent Laid Bare is out on September 12.

Chanel believes that due to our attitudes, cultural norms, and our failing legal system, we have essentially decriminalised rape in Australia. The conversation will focus on why Australia has alarmingly high rates of sexual violence, particularly amongst young people, and how we can stop this from being the case. It will reflect on what has been achieved in the space of gender and sex equality over the last few years, and what urgently needs to be done from a political, legislative and cultural perspective. 

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